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Equivalent display impressions for display ad formats among US audiences:

12.2 for paid search.

11.4 for social activity.

5.3 for rich media.

1.0 for display ads.

THOUGHT: appssavvy is conducting an interesting experiment here, trying to find a formula for assessing advertising across the online landscape. You can determine for yourself whether you think their methodology sound [DOWNLOAD THEIR REPORT].

I applaud them for giving it a shot, if for nothing else.

Now that all the caveats are out of the way, it doesn’t surprise me that paid search and social advertising would out-perform rich media and banners. I’d long given up on banner ads until behavioral targeting entered the picture. People tend to ignore them unless they’re insanely persistent with an insanely persistent message.


Search ads, on the other hand, are on-demand advertising. You don’t have to work at positioning a message in the recipients’ mind because it already exists in the form of a search query. You’re meeting their demand at the time their demanding it.

The newest and perhaps most exciting form of advertising has introduced the concept of social proof to overt commercial messages. If you can see your friends liking something, you’re much more likely to pay attention as well as be much more inclined to like that thing yourself. People tend to hang around with like people. Ad to that the remarkable datamining functionality you get to use for your social advertising, and, well, no wonder they work.

That said, I see day in and day out instances of companies wasting a ton of money on search and social advertising because they simply don’t understand how it works because they do not think of they whole process and do not put themselves in the head of their target audiences.

They have no empathy and as a result, they fail.

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