Microsoft Kinect Sales Record


Guinness World Records

Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 sold through an average of 133,333 units per day in its first 60 days on sale.

That’s 8 million units.

Sales beat both the iPhone and the iPad for the equivalent periods after launch.

That makes the Kinect the fastest-selling consumer electronics device…evah.

THOUGHT: If you’ve been following the Kinect, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it has outpaced Apple’s two biggest sellers. What really surprises me, though, is that during the past several years of super tough economic times, expensive consumer electronics like the iPhone and iPad and Kinect sell so well.

Do people simply consider these devices necessities that are as essential to life as food and electricity?

I’ve been saying it at least since the Summer of 2009. I’ll say it again because it’s important: We’re entering the era of ubiquitous compting, where the devices themselves fade into the background while the things they let us do come to the foreground. We will be ale to focus more on the task and less on the device.

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