White House Unveils Flickr Photostream

President Barack Obama tosses a football in the Oval Office.The White House has set up shop on Flickr and is now uploading photos for public consumption. My Tunheim Partners buddy Pat Lilja tipped me off to Flickr account.

The White House is using the creative commons copyright license that allows for redistribution and remixing as long as the photo is accompanied by attribution. Smart move. Letting people reuse the photography extends the President’s brand yet even more as the Flickr page is likely to become the go-to source for bloggers and other online content creators looking for photos to accompany their posts.

The conversations around the photos at Flickr are very positive from what I’ve observed.

The only criticism I can offer is that whoever is managing the account has left the typical string of characters that digital cameras assign photos on their internal storage. Those text strings mean nothing to people viewing the pictures on Flickr and, more importantly, they do nothing for the photos’ findability within Flickr and from general search engines like Google.

They should tag the photos as well.

Aside from that…pretty smart and pretty cool.

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