Google Optimizes Google Profiles

Google recently optimized their own account profile pages by offering users the ability to change their profile URL from the default series of numbers to the account-holder’s username:

Google Profile - Profile URL - 04/23/09

Google has also begun indexing these profiles:

Google Profile - Display Name In Search - 04/23/09

The change is significant as it is yet another step by Google into the social Web. It is also another useful tool for reputation management efforts. The day I read about the URL feature, I changed my profile to see if it would affect search results.

Sure enough, a couple days later two of my Google profiles appeared at the bottom of the first page of search results for my name:

Google Profile - Profile Results For David Erickson - 04/23/09

The Google profile pages even allow you to verify a domain name to associate with your profile to provide assurance that the profile is legitimate:

Google Profile - Verified Domains - 04/23/09

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