The iPhone, Blackberry & G1 Compared for PR Purposes

Arik Hanson asked Lauren Fernandez, Marketing Coordinator for American Mensa, Ltd., Jennifer Mitchell, Owner of JMPR Communication, and myself to talk about how we like our smart phones for business use as guest bloggers on his excellent Communications Conversations blog.

Lauren reviews the iPhone, Jennifer covers the Blackberry, and I, of course, talk about my G1.

Though I left it out for the guest post, another consideration for me was the fact that at Tunheim Partners, we already had people who have Blackberry’s, Windows Mobile phones and iPhones but no G1.

Considering my speciality is online communications, I need to understand how media is consumed on the devices people actually use. Since we had all the other major platforms covered, it was a no-brainer that I get the G1.  Read the full review here.

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