The Google Chrome Browser/Operating System

I’ve been using the new browser for two days now.  Chrome is the company’s new application that looks and works like a browser but, , is designed like an operating system.

Google’s GeekSpeak but cute looking comic-strip-like "Google book" on the browser. The piece is clearly targeted at programmers and includes a lot of OS programming language. It seems pretty clear that Chrome is a full-frontal assault on operating system, considering trends point to cloud computing as the future.

But the piece also is likely targeted at add-on developers because a lack of the type of community built, open source add-ons that Firefox enjoys is a major problem at this point. Chrome doesn’t have a chance of becoming my default browser till I can extend it’s features with useful add-ons.

that set Chrome apart from and .

The main selling point of Chrome is that it is faster and more stable because it delivers web content and applications in a smarter fashion than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox or . My use of Chrome backs that up so far, though the browser did freeze up on and when using it on one of my computers.

the effect that Chrome’s focus on tabbed and anonymous browsing will have on Internet advertising. The implications are clear, both tabbed and anonymous browsing render existing Internet advertising metrics meaningless.

Steve Rubel was as a meaningful measurement back in December 2006. Chrome would seem to be the final nail in that coffin.

What that does point to is the dubious efficacy of advertising itself, defined as interruptive commercial messages.

Useful content has long been the best online marketing vehicle and it remains so, now more than ever.

Google Video About Chrome:



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