Need Black Green Livers In DC

Portrait of a group of doctors in surgical gear looking at the camera

That’s a headline from yesterday’s email, a service to which reporters post requests for sources.

So, does the reporter need livers from DC that are greenish black? Black with green stripes? Why does a reporter want livers anyway, black, green or otherwise? And what’s so special about livers from DC?

Does the reporter want a District of Columbia African American with a green liver?

Getting warmer.

Here’s the text of the actual request:

"I am looking to profile an African America who is living green while saving money. For example: gardening, green cleaning or shopping healthy and doing it all while saving. "

The entire request has a harried feel to it, so I’m pretty certain the reporter wrote and sent the request practically all in one motion.

I would not be surprised if the reporter got zero to very few responses because most people, confused by the headline, will simply skip over it and not read the entire entry.

Headlines are among the most important elements in your email response rate. Today’s lesson: Consider them carefully.

And, as a bonus, this post absolutely screams for the Live Organ Transplants scene from ‘s . WARNING: If you’re squeamish or easily offended, don’t watch.

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