Who Are Bloggers?

As you, devoted reader, know, my mantra for some time has been "You may not be interested in social media, but social media is interested in you."

I often hear heads of organizations and/or decision makers dismiss bloggers with a wave of the hand as merely a bunch of inconsequential losers in  basements whining online. The other common attitude is, why should I think about bloggers? I don’t read blogs. Nobody I know read blogs.

That’s the wrong question. The question should be do my customers read blogs? In all likelihood, the answer is yes and in all likelihood, those customers are being influenced by what those blogs are saying.

Bloggers are opinionated people and as we all know, opinionated people like voice their opinions but more importantly, they are often sought out for their opinions. They are influencers and that’s why they’re important.

But who are they?

(via ) detailing the demographics of bloggers according to recently released data from the BIGresearch simultaneous media survey that reveal some interesting stats. Particularly interesting is that there are a higher percentage of Hispanic and African American bloggers than among the general population.

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