Mainstream Media Inching Toward Embeddable Content

However slowly, the traditional media is beginning to make their content embeddable.

I noticed a few days ago promoting that the videos on their site were now embeddable–they claim to be the first news network to make the move. Here’s a segment on the Millennials’ role in this election cycle:

MSNBC uses the IFRAME tag (which, apparently, WordPress automatically strips out–sorry, no video) set to embed the videos; not my preferred implementation, but you can’t have everything.

Locally, only the allows people to use their videos off-site. Here’s a recent review by that demonstrates rather amusingly that the Ford Sync ain’t quite multilingual:

The won’t let you embed .

does not allow the to be embedded and though they have uploaded their content to and , they have disabled the embedding feature. At , the TPT content is embeddable but it is old. Here is a segment featuring then-candidate Amy Klobuchar:

None of the local networks allow their video to be embedded.

However shuffling it is, I’ve got to count this as progress.

UPDATE: Add the to the list. Though you can’t get embed code directly from , they’ve got through which they allow embedding:

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