MacBook Air – Ultra-Cool Technology, Flawed Premise

Let me start by saying that I’ve never owned an Apple computer and I’ve never been an Apple guy but since the iPod, I’ve certainly been willing to consider becoming an Apple fanboy. I’m more also likely than most to champion a cool new computer, because I’m fascinated with technology.

So, , I gotta say I’ve blown away by the insanely thin . I mean, look at the thing!

What first-adopter worth the name could not lust after such a product?

Still, the premise behind the product is that people will want two computers. I don’t buy it and wouldn’t buy it for that very reason. :

From the specs, Apple’s design decision was to target its new subnotebook at existing Mac users as a second computer for the road. But that’s not what people want. They want one computer that can do all things. It’s not what enterprises want, they want to buy only one computer per employee. And it’s certainly not what home users want. Without the ability to easily expand when you’re back at the ranch, the
MacBook Air is an amazing prototype without a real market.

  macbook air 
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But I would definitely use it if we had that Gdrive that I’ve so I could use the MacBook Air as my computer processor, the technology with which I perform all my work, but access my data from a remote hard drive through broadband streaming. In that scenario, the lightweight sub-notebook that flash drives make possible would be ideal for me because I practically carry my computer wherever I go.

I don’t think we’re that far away from my ideal but there are still obstacles. Though, as Julio Ojeda-Zapata points out, Apple is pushing wireless access hard with this product but the reliability of Wi-Fi connections has thus far hardly been rock solid. He says, "I predict some problems since I have not found any Wi-Fi hookup to be as rock-solid reliable as Ethernet. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve plugged in at the office when a wireless connection went flaky."

But I’m perfectly willing and eager to make the jump when the stars align.

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