New Word Of Mouth Networks – Teens Talk Online

I haven’t fully digested the new , but the summary makes clear that teens’ online behavior is creating new networks that will require online word of mouth marketing to be an increasingly crucial tactic within overall Internet marketing strategies.

The Pew study shows that they are prolific online content creators:

  • Of the 93% that are online, 64% of them have created content online.
  • 39% of online teens share their creations online.
  • 33% create or work on others’ blogs or web sites, be it for friends, groups they belong to, or classroom assignments.
  • 28% have created their own blog.
  • 27% have a personal web site.
  • 26% create mashups.
  • 55% have created a social networking profile at sites like and .
  • 47% have uploaded photos.
  • 14% have posted video online.

Teens share their online content and that sharing builds the foundation of their word of mouth networks because that content is a virtual conversation starter. The Pew study found:

  • 89% of teens who upload photos say that people post comments about those photos at least sometimes.
  • 72% of video posters say those videos elicit comments at least sometimes.
  • 76% of teens who use social networks say they leave comments on other people’s blog posts.

It seems clear that for the short term, and, as these kids grow up, overall Internet marketing for the long term, will depend upon tapping into these online word of mouth networks.

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