My New Crib

David Erickson At The New e-strategy Office

That’s me at my new diggs.

I moved offices along with after my friend and business partner Blois Olson sold his company to the PR firm; I’m going along for the ride.

We moved in last weekend so this is the first week at the new location; which is in Minneapolis, very close to the Humphrey Terminal and .

So, I’m snapping photos with my crappy camera phone and one of Tunheim’s Vice Presidents walks by my office, pauses, chuckles, stops and asks me with a smile what the photos are for. I explain that they are for the amusement of my friends seeing me go "corporate." She was nice enough to take a picture of me, which you see above.

I have a lovely view of the hotel across the street and I’m told that there are often nude sitings, a phenomena I’m not quite sure I’m ready to see. I do also have a view–not a vista–of the Saint Paul skyline, which is nice.

The first couple of days I was absolutely freezing (which was the case with the previous office) and that drives me absolutely crazy. I hate being cold. But today, happily, I found the heat register so that will no longer be a problem.

Tunheim rents the entire 11th floor of the Riverview Tower and the place is laid out as you’d expect any offices to be laid out, so it does feel corporate.

So I’m gonna keep it loose and keep it real by calling my new office, "The Crib."  🙂

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