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Despite my belief that , I really do enjoy podcast. It’s actually a weekly Internet radio show that is available as a podcast, but that’s a distinction without much of a difference. It’s streamed every Sunday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Advertising Show hosts and discuss marketing, advertising, branding and media.

Regular features of the show include interviews with industry insiders and experts, a regular segment called "The Marketing Insider" by Patrick Meyer, who "provides insight into today’s cutting edge branding and marketing strategies," another segment called "The Customer Experience" by ; special program features include "Advertiser’s Showcase" that highlights an outstanding example of effective advertising and "Badvertising" which cites examples of ineffective ads and offers constructive criticism to help listeners learn from other advertisers’ mistakes.

While focused primarily on traditional advertising, the show is entertaining and informative even for an Internet marketer like me because at the end of the day, Internet marketing is just a different type of advertising and marketing. Much of the information in the show is entirely relevant to online marketing.

My only real complaint is that the hosts occasionally make partisan political comments that are not relevant to the show and are therefore, if you don’t agree with them, likely offensive, especially since you’re not expecting them.

Nevertheless, the show is definitely worth the time.

featured Spot Runner’s CEO Nick Grouf who "explains how his company is revolutionizing how advertising is created, targeted, and purchased."

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