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I have been a big fan of ‘s podcast since I discovered it a couple of years ago.

Eric Schwartzman is the president and founder of and the managing director of .

On The Record…Online is a public relations podcast with a unique, fascinating, and educational focus: Every month Schwartzman interviews a journalist or someone in the PR or news media business primarily about how they use the Internet for their jobs.

For someone like me who is fascinated with, and needs to know about how people behave online, I find the podcast extremely valuable in helping me understand how best to approach online PR.

For public relations professionals in general, Schwartzman’s monthly podcast should be a must-listen for the insight not just into how journalists use the Net, but also for their views of the media industry and how that landscape is changing due to the Web.

A minor complaint: The first five minutes of the On The Record…Online podcast is devoted to housekeeping items and self-promotion.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against self-promotion; it is a primary reason to do a podcast, or, in my case, a blog. Publishing a podcast or blog is a wonderful way to market yourself by demonstrating your expertise. In Schwartzman’s case, I think the podcast itself accomplishes that by the quality of the content and high-profile people he interviews.

I can tell from his interview questions and the people he gets as guests that he’s well-connected and understands PR and, especially, online PR. It seems to me, then, that he could leave the  overt self-promotion for the end of the podcast because his interviews themselves are self-promotion.

Despite that quibble, I am a big fan of the podcast.

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