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Danny Sullivan
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I’ve been remiss, dear readers. I was going to do a series of posts about my favorite Internet marketing podcasts. Consider this post the second in the series…and I’ll try to do them more often.

I’ve been listening to the for several years  but it has recently become more like the four-to-twelve-times-a-month SearchCast. Despite that sad fact, though, it is essential listening for anyone interested in search engine marketing.

The podcast is produced by and is ostensibly a live Internet radio show.

The show features , a search engine marketing expert, former owner of , and media darling for all things search. (Yeah, I know; big fish, small pond). Sullivan is currently the editor of .

There’s far too much meaningless banter between Sullivan and the host for my taste, but Sullivan definitely knows his stuff and it’s worth a listen for his insight alone. The podcast used to be a great way to stay abreast of the search engine marketing industry but it is far less so now that it is no longer a daily podcast.

As of this writing, this is (08/30/07).

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