Twitter Has Abandoned Me & My Broken Twitter Account

I have not been able to post to the microblog account .

I don’t know if I’ve found a bug or not, but something sure is broken. When I try to post a message to that account, everything appears to work normally but the tweet (an individual blog post on Twitter) just does not get posted. I get no error message nor any hint that anything is wrong except for the fact that my tweet does not get posted.

I have a personal Twitter account that works just fine. I’ve tried posting to the Twitter account from different computers and from my phone and from IM and I’ve even tried posting through Twitter’s mobile interface at , all to no avail.

but I’ve yet to hear from them, so either I’m being ignored or they are not getting my help requests. I did and I haven’t heard back from them yet, so I draw your own conclusions.

The only thing that appears to be working is the email notifications that tell me when someone has started following me. The number of followers on my account does not go up accordingly, but I am getting email notifications.

I could always abandon the Twitter account and start a new one but I’d rather not abandon all the time I’ve invested in the current one.  You’d think Twitter would want to find out what is going on with such drastic flaw.

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