Cisco Viral Video Marketing Campaign

This is a fantastic viral marketing campaign. I found the following video at IFILM YouTube under the simple and direct title . The video, as as you’ll see, is an entirely legitimate-looking security camera footage of a long and wince-inducing public meltdown of a businessman:

The closing domain, , is entirely too compelling not to visit. When you reach the site, you’re greeted by a virtual life coach/psychologist explaining such fictitious ailments as Post Traumatic Beep Disorder, Getouttamyinterfacia, Saxophonia, Mono Transmission Disorder, and Schitzophonia.

After she explains these disorders, you’re taken to another video about the , which, of course, solves all of the problems she had just discussed.

This viral campaign is so effective because it features compelling content that memorably illustrates problems that the product solves. It effectively balances cringing drama with lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek humor.

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