It's 2007, Is Your Content Mobile?


Wow! I originally wrote this post on my phone using and the above is what was posted. Granted, the application on my phone is not the most recent update, but still, you’d think it would remain functional.

What I tried to write was about the fact that . Minneapolis residents can subscribe to the service for $19.95 a month. Compare that with what I pay Comcast in Saint Paul: $45.95 a month, and that includes a discount that Cable TV subscribers get.

If Saint Paul had a similar municipal wifi service (it’s in the works), I’d save $312 a year. That’s a drop in the bucket for a business, but for consumers that’s a lot of money and a no-brainer to either subscribe or switch services.

We will increasingly see metropolitan areas rolling out ubiquitous wifi service. It is being driven by municipalities, but private Internet service providers will be forced to compete, so they’ll help drive this trend. Ubiquitous wifi service is not a question of if, but when; and I’m betting it will be sooner rather than later.

I’ve been advising for some time that clients begin thinking about a mobile marketing strategy for this very reason. With the popularity of iPods, the growing penetration of Internet-accessible cell phones, handhelds, and ultra-mobile computers, coupled with ubiquitous wifi, more and more content must be portable and small screen compliant. 

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