Online Ads & Sponsorships For Nonprofit Fundraising

My friend Ann Treacy of and I presented a session on for the ‘ annual conference, "Common Ground for Common Good." These are some of the resources we mentioned during the breakout session:

Advertising Networks:

Keyword Research:

  • – Professional level keyword research tool. Culls data from a wide range of search engines and is therefore more comprehensive and accurate than free services. Fees range from per day to per year.
  • – Another professional level keyword research tool similar to Wordtracker.
  • – Shows search volume by month. Data is culled from their pay-per-click search engine.
  • – Based on Overture’s search data, which, again, is biased toward commercial searches. Still, an excellent tool.
  • – Find releated keywords. This free tool is included in Google’s AdWords search advertising service. You can determine the level of competition for a given search phrase–at least within Google’s ad inventory–and the relative search volume of that search phrase.
  • – See how specific search phrases fare over time.

Statistics Programs:

  • – Free but requires a Gmail account, which is also free. Superb and comprehensive statistics.
  • – Designed to be used with blogs but works for web sites as well. Good for a quick glance at your traffic volume and recent visitor activity.
  • – Notice it’s ADD-free not AD-free stats. The code displays their logo on your site. Nevertheless, it’s free and they offer very comprehensive stats that get down to the individual page level.
  • – Also designed for use with blogs, but suitable for web sites as well.

Affiliate Marketing:

Blog Services:

  • – Free service offered by Google.
  • – Free and for-fee service. More features and more flexible than Blogger. This blog uses TypePad.
  • – Free and for-fee service. Similar to TypePad but is more technical.
  • – Very similar to but not as widely used as TypePad. Offers both free and for-fee levels.

Social Networking Sites:

  • – Most popular social bookmarking site; recenty bought by Yahoo.
  • – Yahoo’s home-grown social bookmarking site.
  • – Read/Write Web’s overview of social bookmarking.
  • – One of the most popular web sites. Social networking site geared toward a mainly 13-25 year old audience includes blogging and video upload features.
  • – Most popular photo sharing site. Owned by Yahoo.
  • – The most popular video sharing web site.
  • – Video sharing site for nonprofits.
  • – A how-to video from on the basics of how to use, YouTube, and Flickr.
  • – The most popular social editing site. Submit web pages and the community votes on them. Most popular posts rise to the front page and can generate a lot of traffic to that page.

Email Marketing:

  • – For-fee email marketing service. Best value for cost.
  • – Free but limited email marketing service. Only supports text-based emails.
  • – Also free and also limited email marketing service.
  • – Specifically designed for use with blogs. Free service.

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