Webcam Stars – Product Placement At YouTube

is a silly teenage girl who has become an online video  star of sorts. Last night, in , I found a video of her talking , which was quite amusing because she superimposed a gas mask and other things over her face. she complains about her friends being mad at her because her videos are so popular on !

And that’s the thing–her videos routinely get thousands, to tens and even hundreds of thousands of views. Amazing!

So I found it especially interesting when I saw her video demonstration of her :

Ah, ! And another example of . Either Logitech got very lucky or they’ve got some very savvy people emailing Bowiechick and asking her for a webcam demonstration. Eitherway, Logitech got a great product demonstration/endorsement in front of–as of right now– 40,260 sets of potential customer’s eyeballs.

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