Facebook Back Before It Was A Democracy-Destroying Multinational Monopolistic Disinformation Platform

Remember when we were genuinely appalled at social media faux pas? Adorable.

Comic: How NOT To Use Facebook

Think back to the blissfully innocent year of 2011 when we could be cute about fanciful wishes for new Facebook buttons.

Comic: Proposed Facebook Buttons

Well, Facebook delivered on one out of two of positive sentiments.

Screenshot: Facebook Reactions

(And LinkedIn swooped in and stole the other one 👏.) But we also eventually got all the negative ones, as well.

Remember when we could marvel at criminals’ ability to post evidence of their crimes on the platform for law enforcement to discover?

Infographic: Facebook Crimes

Little did we know that it would become a channel used to destroy the rule of law.

Those were the days.

But then Facebook started to break bad.

After it encouraged people and brands to build followers, it undercut all that effort in order to force people to buy advertising to reach their very own followers.

But that was a mere nuisance by comparison of what was to come. We weren’t prepared for the flood of fake news.

And Russian propaganda.

Is it any wonder that Facebook appears to the the sole thing that conservatives and liberals can agree on these days?

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