Why People Shop Online

Chart: Why Consumer's Shop Online

Not surprisingly, online shopping has increased rapidly this year, according to Nielsen’s Global New Shopper Normal Study. Online shoppers are buying more frequently, with 44% doing so weekly and 23% shopping multiple times a week.

And online shoppers are spending more per session, with spending up 114% among North American users.

Amid a seemingly never-ending pandemic, working from home has become common for many Americans as has distance learning. But the combination of work from home with schooling from home has created a time crunch for many families.

Time, therefore, is at a premium with online shoppers, with 33% citing time savings as a reason for why they shop online and 29% citing same-day-delivery options.

Having a wide variety of products appeals to 28% of online shoppers while the ubiquitous Favorites List isn’t all that, with only 10% of people citing it as a reason to shop online.

Getting all their shopping done in one place was cited by 24% of online shoppers and 26% liked not having to carry heavy items from the car to their home as an appealing aspect of eCommerce.

Comparing prices was cited by 22% as a reason to shop online while 21% liked the ability to find promotions.

However, these some of these findings appeal differently to different age groups.

Twenty-four to thirty-four year olds, for example, were more likley to cite the time-saving convenience of online shopping while getting all their shopping done in one place was appealing to the sixty-five-plus crowd.

Read the full findings at Nielsen.

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