Video Gamers By Age

Chart: Video Gamers By Age

Playing video games continues to be a favorite pastime for Americans, with three-quarters of US households having at least one video game player.

While 7 in 10 Americans under the age of 18 play video games regularly, a report [PDF] from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shows that video games hold appeal across all age groups.

Of the more than 214 million video game players in the US, the largest share are between the ages of 18-34 (38%).

Adults ages 35-54 make up the second-largest share of gamers (36%), followed by those under the age of 18 (21%).

Although the 55+ crowd makes up a much smaller share, they are still represented, with 55-64-year-olds making up 9% of gamers and adults ages 65 and older accounting for 6% of all US video game players.

A few highlights about age and gender differences among video gamers:

  • Three-quarters of male gamers ages 18-34 and 70% ages 35-54 play games on a video console, while 77% of women ages 18-34 and 78% ages 35-54 prefer to play on their smartphone;
  • Smartphones are also the preferred gaming device for both men (56%) and women (63%) between the ages of 55 and 64;
  • The oldest age group (65+) prefers to game on their PC (men: 68%, women: 60%);
  • Some 87% of men and 82% of women ages 55-64 say that games provide mental stimulation; and
  • More than half (55%) of women ages 18-24 say that games help them stay connected with friends and family, while a full 70% of men in that age group say the same.

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