Social Media Universe

This excellent infographic from Visual Capitalist illustrates the user base size of the most popular social media channels, as measured by Monthly Active Users.

A Monthly Active User is–surprise!–someone who has visited a website within the last month.

Social Media Channel Rankings

They rank the social media channels from largest user base to smallest:

  1. Facebook
  2. WhatsApp
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. WeChat
  6. Instagram
  7. TikTok
  8. QQ
  9. Weibo
  10. Qzone
  11. Reddit
  12. Telegram
  13. Snapchat
  14. Pinterest
  15. Twitter
  16. LinkedIn
  17. Viber
  18. Line
  19. YY
  20. Twitch
  21. Vkontakte

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