Time Spent With Digital Video By Device, 2018-2022

Chart: Time Spent With Digital Video By Device, 2018-2022

This year, time spent with mobile video apps will gain 10 minutes, second only to social media.

Overall, mobile video will gain 5 minutes, since video watched via mobile web has decreased as people continue to shift such viewing to apps or other devices.

The growth in mobile video is part of a bigger trend toward digital video.

eMarketer expects that the average US adult will watch more than 2 hours of digital video in 2020, up 19 minutes from 2019.

The pandemic accelerated a longstanding trend—digital video increased 12 minutes in 2019 and will increase by a further 5 minutes in 2021.

The biggest growth is coming via connected TVs (counted with other connected devices below), but mobile video is steadily increasing.

At home, people are watching video of all types.

For example, while traditional linear TV time will get a boost this year, pre-established decline trends will resume in 2021.

Digital video across devices, however, is set to grow strongly for the foreseeable future. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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