LinkedIn Name Pronounciation Recordings

LinkedIn Audio Name Pronounciations

LinkedIn has added a nice new feature for people who have names that are difficult to pronounce. You can actually now record how to pronounce your name and attach that to your LinkedIn profile.

On iOS & Android

You can only do it on mobile for now. You can’t do it on the desktop. So you need to go through your mobile device, whether that’s an iOS or Android device.

View Your Profile

Go through the app and go to your LinkedIn profile. Go look at your profile. Now that you’re viewing your profile, you can see that there is an edit icon, pencil edit icon next to your name.

Click The Edit Icon

Click on that and you will get a pop up screen and the ability to add a voice recording. Click on that and once you click on that, you’ll get a microphone icon.

Press Microphone Icon To Record

You want to press and hold the microphone icon while you’re recording. You can’t just tap it or it won’t work; you need to press and hold on the microphone icon and record how to pronounce your name. You get 10 seconds to record your name. Once you’ve got a recording that you like you can play it back, listen to it, and then click Save.

Playback On LinkedIn Profile

That will then show up on your LinkedIn profile next to your name with an audio icon next to your name so people can actually play it. I’ll show you how that looks on my profile.

Speaker Icon Next To Your Name

Here you can see my LinkedIn profile and you’ll notice that next to my name, now there is a speaker icon that people can click on to hear how to pronounce my name. Let’s try it out. David Erickson. Not that anybody really needed to know how to pronounce my name, but if you have a name that people often get wrong. That’s something you can add to your LinkedIn profile to help them out.

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