Top Reasons Consumers Follow Brands On Social Media

Consumers lean on a number of factors when they are looking for new accounts to follow or like on social media.

A report from Sprout Social shows that many are influenced by suggestions in their feed or by the use of discovery tools (45%), while others follow the recommendations of family and friends (40%).

In their search for new accounts to follow, consumers also look for brands they admire (39%) or brands they shop with offline (34%), with others exploring accounts that are mentioned by influencers they like (35%) or by listening to word-of-mouth.

Interestingly, one-quarter (25%) of consumers are finding new accounts to follow through hashtags.

Just as consumers have several ways of finding accounts to follow, they also have an array of reasons for following brands on social media.

One of the most popular reasons is to learn about new products and services (57%), while another is to stay up to date on company news (47%).

Consumers also follow brands on social media in order to learn about promotions or discounts (40%), to be entertained (40%), to be educated (34%) and to be inspired (32%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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