Sarah Cooper Reveals The Secrets To Her TikTok Success

Sarah Cooper is a national treasure.

She’s been called the Trump Whisperer. It is entirely true. Her genius is not the spot-on lip-syncing of Trump’s maddening utterances, it’s her crystal clear interpretation of his intellectual and emotional state as speaks.

She lays bare the president’s utter vacuousness.

But the reason she’s become such a phenomenon is a phrase marketers know well: Suprise & Delight. Sarah Cooper surprises and delights at the very moment we all need it most with regard to the president.

In this inteview with Jimmy Fallon, Cooper discusses her process in both conceptual as well as technical terms.

During this interview with InStyle, Cooper describe’s her Trump takes as the antidote to gaslighting.

That was the initial conceit when I started lip-synching President Donald Trump [on TikTok]. The first sound bite I did is still one of my favorites. In it, I, as Trump, say, “We’re gonna form a committee. I’m gonna call it a committee. And we’re gonna make decisions. And we’re gonna make decisions fairly quickly. And I hope they’re going to be the right decisions.” Absolute nonsense. But it was exhilarating to play the most powerful man in the world and expose him as the clueless snake-oil salesman he is. I had taken away the suit and the podium and the people behind him smiling and nodding and calling him “sir,” and all that was left were his empty words, which, in reality, were not the best. It felt like the antidote to the gaslighting.

Comedian Sarah Cooper on How Her Viral Trump Parodies Came to Be

How To President

Sarah Cooper’s How To President playlist.

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