Social Commerce Demographics

Chart: Social Commerce Demographics

What is striking about these numbers is that 50% said they have not used social commerce and are not interested in using social commerce, or are not familiar with the concept.

Social media channels generally, and Facebook specifically, have been trying to crack the social commerce nut for more than a decade. Yet only six percent engage in social media shopping regularly.

The one demographic category that currently looks promising for social commerce is among the young. While only 11% of 18-34-year olds buy via social regularly, another 37% have done so before.

This is typical of adoption of new technology trends; young people usually lead the way. Still, there is a long way to go before social media shopping goes mainstream.

In this episode of Behind The Numbers, eMarketer junior analyst Blake Droesch, research analyst Daniel Keyes, principal analyst Andrew Lipsman and senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Cindy Liu discuss Pinterest’s latest social commerce moves. They then talk about May retail sales, an app that makes you the model, Shopify’s latest deal with Walmart and a Brandless relaunch.

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