Content Marketing Must-Haves

Content Must-Haves

Content marketing is a buzzword, for sure, but there are several good reasons why it is still in use today after so many years:

  • Advertising is becoming less effective both because there is more of it and people have the tools to filter it out,
  • People have become accustomed to an on-demand culture, so
  • When they want information, they look it up and, therefore,
  • In order to gain their attention, you must provide them valuable content when, where and how they want it.

1. Understanding: Know Your Target Audience(s)…Intimately

Have a very focused and very specific understanding of who your customers are beyond simple demographics. Do the research to understand their:

  • Psychographics,
  • Technographics,
  • Generation and,
  • Attitudes and emotions.

Understand them to the point that you can see the world through their eyes so you know what what they aspire to, what challenges they face, and what they value.


2. Create Content About Things Your Target Audience(s) Value

Doing the research to understand your audience(s) intimately will help you to understand what content they want, need and value. Create content about those issues as it relates to your company. This will help to draw them to you as a trusted source of information.

Promote your content on social to build awareness and trust with your potential customers with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers.

3. Build Relationships Through Email

Create an email newsletter that delivers content that has been published on your blog or podcast or website.

You can build audiences on social channels all day long and there are benefits to doing so but ultimately you’re just leasing that audience unless you get their email addresses.

It is a sign of trust when someone gives you their email address.

Congratulations, you’ve built a relationship with them that only you can break; not Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or whomever.

Build on that relationship by continuing to provide value and you will maintain awareness to the point that when they’re ready to buy, they will think of you. And beyond that, they will be far more likely to refer you as well.

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