Where Online Shoppers Start To Search

Chart: Where Online Shoppers Start To Search

More than 6 in 10 (63%) consumers in key eCommerce markets start their online shopping searches on Amazon, topping the percentage of those who start their purchase journeys on search engines.

So finds a new report from Wunderman Thompson Commerce (WTC), which details Amazon’s continuing dominance in the digital commerce sector throughout the customer journey, but which also highlights why some consumers are turning to other retailers.

Amazon’s lead at the start of many customer journeys is likely behind the growing spend on Amazon ads – particularly given that most sales come from the top of Amazon’s search results.

About half (48%) of more than 14,000 online shoppers surveyed start their purchase journeys on search engines, making this channel attractive for retailers, even though click-through rates on Google Shopping ads saw a fall last year.

Retailer sites are where one-third (33%) of consumers start their product search (multiple responses to the questions were allowed), followed by other marketplaces (25%) and the website of the customer’s desired brand (21%).

Fewer customer journeys begin on comparison sites (10%) and social media sites (8%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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