Voice Search For Song Lyrics

Amazon is taking advantage of new consumer behavior to provide a set of search data that was not previously available to give musical artists insight into their fans’ behavior.

I discussed this on Episode 304 of the Beyond Social Media Show.

Amazon Music has a new app for musicians, called Amazon Music for Artists. Spotify and Apple Music has similar tools for artists that gives insights and stats about their fans listening habits.

But Amazon, of course, has a different set of data that neither of those two have, which is voice data.

Voice is increasingly driving music discovery. People ask their smart speaker for a song and get it played back for them.

And who has that data? Amazon does and then Google Home also has it.

The Amazon for Music app comes both in iOS and Android and there’s a website for it at artists.amazonmusic.com.

The app gives top-level and granular insights, so you can find out:

  • How many of your song’s total listens there were,
  • The performance over the last 24 hours,
  • Where fans are based location-wise,
  • Real-time streaming data,
  • Which fans engaged the most with your music, and then
  • What playlists and stations that your songs appear in?

The data goes back to 2018. And it refreshes every couple of hours.

But additionally, you can see how you as a musician are trending on the Echo. You get the total number of voice requests, and the ways that people request your song.

People will ask for a song by artists, obviously, by album–I often do that; I want to hear a whole album–by song or by lyrics.

That’s a new way of discovering music. Remember the Shazam app that you could turn it on and it would listen to music and tell you what song it is?

People remember songs, not necessarily by the title, but by the lyrics. So they search for the lyrics and that’s another way of finding songs and discovering new bands and musicians.

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