Businesses Consumers Plan To Avoid For COVID-19 Reopening

It should not be surprising that movies and theaters, bars and clubs, concert venues and sports areans, gyms, restaurants and malls are among the top businesses Americans plan to avoid as the economy opens up in the wake of the first wave of COVID-19.

Sadly, those are many of the businesses that give us great joy but they are also the most logical places where you are most likely to be infected with a virus. Their main features include assembling large groups of people into confined spaces.

On the other hand, though the close contact required to get your hair cut certainly violates phyisical distancing, the lack of a trim is bound to drive anyone crazy, so it looks like a risk nearly a third of us are willing to take.

We all need food, though, so dine-in restaurants do not appear to be an option for nearly half of us, we all must shop for groceries. Read more at statista.

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