Pandemic Video Streaming By Platform

Chart: Pandemic Video Streaming By Platform

Business Insider Intelligence surveyed American adults about their video streaming choices while cooped up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix was the most popular platform for streaming video with 65.4% of respondents saying they used the service during the coronavirus shut-in.

Amazon Prime was the next popular choice with 48%, followed by:

  • Hulu, 36.8%,
  • Disney+, 28.9%, and
  • HBO Now, 9.7% rounding out the top five.

As a relative new-comer, Disney+ is a bit surprising how close behind it is to Hulu, until you consider that it’s not just the parents who are at home all day.

They’re stuck there with their kids as well, so family fare is the order of the day.

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