Personalization Goals & Challenges [CHART]

Chart: Personalization Goals & Challenges

Optimizing the customer experience has been deemed one of the most exciting opportunities for marketers this year.

But that doesn’t make it easy: research from Ascend2 reveals that improving the customer experience (CX) is also one of the most critical challenges to the success of a data-driven personalization strategy.

Improving CX is by far the biggest objective of a data-driven personalization, per the report – but it also ranks as the most difficult to achieve.

Following close behind, respondents also feel that increasing visitor engagement (42%) and improving the quality of data (41%) are challenging when trying to put together a successful data-driven personalization strategy.

To help overcome these challenges, marketers are utilizing various types of marketing data for personalization.

More than half (55%) of the respondents to Ascend2’s survey say that one of the most important types of data they use for personalization is website activity.

Another 47% of respondents say they use transaction activity, while 37% say that one of the most important types of marketing data they use is campaign activity.

Respondents also say they use demographic information (32%), names (26%), company/employment (24%) and title or purchasing roles (19%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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