Social Media User Satisfaction By Site [CHART]

Chart: Social Media User Satisfaction By Site

For the second consecutive year social media users have a relatively low level of satisfaction with the platforms they use as a whole, per a report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

The ACSI measures customer satisfaction with 46 industries, and social media currently ranks 6th-lowest following this research, with a score of 72 on a 100-point scale.

A couple of individual social media sites fared somewhat better in customer satisfaction, with Pinterest receiving the highest customer satisfaction score of the tested social platforms again this year.

Pinterest’s score of 80 remains unchanged from the year before.

Pinterest is relatively small in terms of users, with Pew Research reporting that just more than one-quarter (28%) of US adults use the platform.

By comparison, the same report found that YouTube, which has the second-highest customer satisfaction score, is used by nearly three-quarters (73%) of US adults. YouTube’s customer satisfaction score of 78 is up 3 points (4%) from 2018.

Dropping 4 points (6%) to a score of 63, Facebook has the lowest customer satisfaction score of all the tested social platforms.

The report explains that “the critical measure of privacy is at an all-time low for Facebook — trailing all other social media sites by a wide gap.” It also notes that “users also find advertising on Facebook to be more intrusive than other sites.” Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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