Instagram Story Performance Benchmarks [TABLE]

Table: Instagram Story Performance Benchmarks

There is little data on consumer attitudes toward Stories ads, but there is research to suggest that they perform reasonably well.

Measurement platform Conviva analyzed 13,000 Stories from the top 300 Instagram accounts during Q1 2019, finding that the average completion rate was 84%. That was up from 73% in Q1 2018. Average reach was just 6.7%, likely because viewers can skip over Stories ads they don’t want to see.

Conviva defined “top accounts” as enterprise-level Instagram accounts in brand, media, entertainment and sports categories. It excludes influencer or individual Instagram accounts.

Instagram users follow and interact with a range of different accounts from friends to influencers, celebrities, publishers and brands.

In a January 2019 Facebook-commissioned report by Ipsos, 66% of Instagram users worldwide considered the platform a place to interact with brands.

Engaging with celebrities and influencers was also a top-cited response when respondents were asked what they associated with Instagram. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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