Trust In AI-Generated Advice By Industry [CHART]

Chart: Trust In AI-Generated Advice By Industry

Artificial intelligence has become an everyday part of life, with marketers using it for anything from content personalization to gaining customer insights – and also chatting with customers online.

However, customers are not necessarily ready for AI to take complete control over their interactions, as illustrated by a survey from Invoca.

The research indicates that half (52%) of US customers feel frustrated with companies that only provide automated communications with no offer of human interaction.

In fact, very few (16%) of the more than 2,000 US adults surveyed say they enjoy a fully automated, non-human, communication experience with companies, while 18% say the experience makes them angry.

Although businesses may be opting to not have an option for customers to interact with a human, companies are also getting the message that customers at least want to be informed if they are speaking to a human or AI.

That being said, US adults have differing levels of comfort when it comes to trusting AI-generated advice, depending on the industry.

About half (49%) of respondents say they would trust advice from AI for retail and 38% said they would trust AI-generated advice regarding hospitality. However, where trust tends to drop off considerably is with advice for healthcare (20%) and financial services (19%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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