TikTok US Users By Age & Income [CHART]

Chart: TikTok US Users By Age & Income

Who is downloading and using TikTok? Not surprisingly, data from March 2019 shows that the age group with the largest number of unique visitors is 18-24-year-olds (3.7 million), which accounts for just over one-quarter (25.8%) of the total US adult visitors.

Another one-quarter (24.5%) of the visitors ages 18 and older fell into the 25-34 age group.

Overall, TikTok has been adopted by just over 1 in every 8 adults (12.9%) ages 18-24 in the US.

Tik Tok is used by 2 million more women (8.2 million) than men (6.1 million), and its reach is highest among females ages 18-24 (14.9% adoption).

The largest share – more than one-third (37%) – of unique visitors come from households with a total income of $100K or more, but this owes more to the distribution of household income in the US than to adoption figures.

In fact, adoption is highest among adults from households with less than $25k in annual income (9.6%), which may reflect the social media app’s youth skew.

So while audience levels might still be small compared to the other social media platforms, the platform may offer an additional opportunity to marketers looking to reach these demographics – particularly as youth are swayed by influencer content. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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