Bad Shopping Experience Reactions [CHART]

Chart: Bad Shopping Experience Reactions

There is plenty of research available to show key differences between generations – whether in terms of wealth, social network use, or television consumption. A report from BRP shows that there are also significant variances in shopping behavior by age, in particular between those who grew up in the internet age (“Digital Consumers” age 18-37) and those born before this time (“Traditional Consumers” age 38+).

The research claims that Digital Consumers are said to have higher expectations for the retail experience and more of a love for technology. What’s more, Digital Consumers are more likely to share their shopping experience (good or bad) online.

Some 56% of the Digital Consumers surveyed said they would share an unsatisfactory shopping experience on social media, a percentage more than double that of Traditional Consumers (27%).

The good news for retailers and marketers alike is that some 3 in 5 Digital Consumers (61%) also said they would share an exceptional shopping experience on social media, a figure again more than twice as high as Traditional Consumers (29%).

Digital Consumers are not only likely to post on social media about their shopping experience, but they are also more likely to contact the retailer about their exceptional (65%) or unsatisfactory (66%) experience.

While only about half (49%) of Traditional Consumers would contact a retailer after having a good shopping experience, they are almost as likely as Digital Consumers to contact a retailer if they have an unsatisfactory experience (64%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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