Challenges Of Chatbot Use [CHART]

Chart: Challenges Of Chatbot Use

The role of chatbots in ecommerce has evolved from a sales tool to a customer service assistant. These AI-powered helpers can answer questions 24/7 and don’t make users wait on hold, but not everyone sees the benefits of interacting with chatbots in lieu of other channels.

When US internet users want to resolve a customer service issue quickly, more than half turn to chat, according to a July 2018 survey by CGS, a business process outsourcing firm. Phone (24%), email (13%) and social media (11%) are less frequently used channels. Most prefer to bypass speaking to a human because they take longer to respond (32%) and are less available (32%).

Yet 40% of these customers would prefer a human over a chatbot. Why? Read the rest at eMarketer.

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