Time Spent With Digital Media By Device [CHART]

Chart: Time Spent With Digital Media By Device

People in the US spent more than twice as much time accessing the internet through smartphone applications than via desktops, notes comScore in a presentation on location data. In fact, smartphone apps accounted for a majority (59%) of time spent with digital media during that month, with another 7% of total digital media time going to the smartphone web.

Collectively, that means that smartphone apps and web comprised roughly two-thirds (66%) of digital media time.

Adding in tablets’ 8% share of time, and mobile devices are now up to three-quarters (74%) of total digital media time in the US.

Indeed, as comScore notes, there are now 198 million smartphone users ages 13 and older, who average 3.1 hours per day online with their device. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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