Chatbot Engagement Rates [CHART]

Chart: Chatbot Engagement Rates By Select Countries

The vast majority of adults across 6 countries believe that organizations are failing to provide a connected experience, defined as organizations knowing their preferences across all channels and being able to provide them with access to the information they need in a timely manner. That’s according to the Consumer Connectivity Insights Report 2018 from MuleSoft, which delved into, among other things, the potential for chatbots and instant messaging to provide such an experience.

Looking at the components of a connected experience, it seems that organizations are at least offering some form of personalization. In fact, at least half of respondents feel that banks (72%), insurance providers (65%) and retailers (50%) provide them with personalized service.

Notably, of the 6 countries measured, respondents in the US were the most likely to say they receive personalized service from each of those industries.

So if organizations are able – at least to some extent – to understand consumers’ preferences across channels, they may be falling short instead in their ability to provide them with timely access to information. And this may be where consumers’ appetite for chatbots and instant messaging comes into play. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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