Google Search vs Facebook Article Referral Traffic By Category [CHART]

Chart: Google Search vs Facebook Article Referral Traffic By Category

Google took the lead over Facebook last year in referrals to media sites, according to a recent report from An analysis from the firm delves into the major referrers by article category, finding that Google search is a bigger referrer than Facebook for most.

The analysis is based on 8 billion page views in April and May 2018 for 1 million articles across’s network of thousands of sites. The results indicate that the influence of Google search is highest for Technology & Computing articles, as it accounts for 63% of referred traffic, about 4 times higher than Facebook (16% share).

Google also accounts for at least half of referred traffic to articles about Home & Garden (57%), Personal Finance (52%), Sports (51%) and Business (50%).

Beyond those, Google outpaces Facebook in referral traffic to several other categories including Careers, Arts & Entertainment, Science, Hobbies & Interests, Automotive and News, among others. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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