Who Benefits Most From Personal Data? [CHART]

Chart: Biggest Beneficiary of Personal Data

Privacy is obviously a hot topic these days with new European data privacy regulations going into effect and Facebook facing questions over its privacy practices. With data privacy concerns already running high, data from the GDMA and Acxiom [PDF] reveals that consumers believe there’s a strong imbalance in the data economy.

The report asked more than 11,000 people across 10 global markets who they believe currently benefits the most from personal data exchange – businesses or consumers. On average, fully 78% of the respondents feel that businesses benefit more from the exchange of personal data, compared to just 9% who believe that consumers benefit more.

Respondents in Spain (87%) and Germany (85%) are the most apt to feel that businesses benefit most, while those in Singapore (72%) are least likely to share that sentiment. Within the US, three-quarters of respondents see an imbalance weighted towards businesses, compared to 11% feeling the opposite way. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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