Millennials' Video Genres

Chart: Millennials' Video Game Genreas By Device

Millennials in the US generally watch Comedy, Action/Adventure and Drama on TV but gravitate to News first on digital devices, finds a report from Oath. The Oath Video Content Preference study suggests that shorter content is favored on smaller screens, while viewing on smartphones is more prevalent than watching on laptops/desktops and tablets.

As part of its study, Oath asked more than 1,000 US adults to identify the genres they had watched within the previous 30 days on various devices. The report highlights the results among Millennials (ages 18-34).

At least half of these respondents had watched the following genres on TV:

  • Comedy (67%);
  • Action/Adventure (62%);
  • Drama (61%);
  • Sports (57%);
  • News (56%); and
  • Mystery/Thriller/Horror (53%).

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