Generation V Tablet Activities [CHART]

Chart: Generation V Tablet Activities

Some 65% of Gen V consumers report regular use of a tablet, according to a YouGov survey of almost 600 respondents ages 8-17. The results suggest that children ages 8-11 are the most frequent users (74% regularly using tablets), with regular usage tapering off among older kids.

Interestingly, most tablets belong to the kids rather than the family, according to the study, with this true across demographic cuts. Furthermore, the survey indicates that about half of kids have no restrictions at all on their tablet use – though the extent to which they do varies significantly by age. Only 28% of frequent users ages 8-11 have free rein, compared to 79% of regular users ages 15-17.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re only using tablets: in fact, kids are twice as likely to say they’d prefer to read a physical book (47%) than to read on their tablet (21%). Read the rest at

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