Mobile Notification Benchmarks [CHART]

Chart: Mobile Notification Benchmarks

Push notifications have been credited with driving higher app engagement and retention rates, but how many app users actually opt-in to these messages? A recent study from Appboy takes a look at various app categories, based on the behavior of 1.6 billion users on more than 500 apps in the first half of 2016.

One of the interesting findings to emerge from the research is that opt-in rates are higher on Android than iOS apps. On average, 59% of users opt-in to push notifications on Android devices, compared to 40% on iOS devices. The analysts note that this is likely a function of the way permission is sought on the operating systems.

Looking at various app verticals, the study demonstrates that for Android apps, push notification opt-in rates are higher for the medial and health and fitness (71%), food and beverage (66%), utility (66%) and B2B and finance (65%) verticals, while lowest for the education (52%) and gaming (51%) verticals. Read the rest at

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