Email Reading, Glancing & Scanning By Industry [CHART]

Email Reading, Glancing & Scanning by Industry [CHART]

Having an email be opened is one thing – and a challenge in its own right. But what happens next? Are emails typically read, skimmed or just glanced at? A new report from IBM Marketing Cloud examines such engagement metrics based on a review of campaigns sent by a subset of its clients.

Overall, the news is fairly positive. The analysis determined that a majority (53%) of emails are read, meaning that the recipient (presumably) looks at the message for at least 8 seconds. Some 22% are skimmed (looked at for 2-7 seconds), while the remaining 26% are glanced at (less than 2 seconds).

Predictably, these rates differ by geography and industry. The US hewed right on the average with 52% read, 22% skimmed and 26% glanced at. The highest “read” rate, of 61%, was found in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in European countries other than the UK. Read the rest at

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