Trust In Various Institutions To Safeguard Personal Data [CHART]

Chart - Trust In Institutions To Safeguard Personal Data

Millennials (19-35) tend to be more trusting than older generations when it comes to institutions safeguarding their personal data, per recently-released survey results from Gallup. In fact, Millennials displayed more trust than the average of other generations across each of the 11 institutions identified, though that doesn’t necessarily translate to them having a high degree of trust in them.

In fact, the only institution that a majority of Millennials have “a lot of trust” in with regards to safeguarding personal data is their primary bank (67%).

There’s a gulf between banks and other institutions, though. Only about 1 in 3 Millennials have a lot of trust in health insurance companies to safeguard their personal data, and even fewer show that much trust in credit card companies (27%), cellphone platforms (25%) and cellphone carriers (17%). Brick-and-mortar retailers (23%), meanwhile, are trusted a lot by twice as many Millennials as online retailers (11%). Read the rest at

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